Julie Macklowe is the quintessential "It Girl", in fact, she was Vogue's "It Girl" in 2008. She's worked as a Hedge Fund manager, is a founding member of New York Fashion Week, a mom, and is now taking over the beauty game, offering luxe skincare for less. Wow! She's busy, fabulous and is answering our questions about her routine and new line, vbeauté that's available at Soft Surroundings

What made you start vbeauté?

 I was traveling to my friend's wedding in Normandy and on my way there, TSA confiscated all of my toiletries. When I got to Paris, I bought all new beauty products that were for sensitive skin, but three days later I was covered in hives! I thought to myself, I am never going to let this happen to me or anyone again. I wanted to create a Swiss based luxurious skincare line at affordable prices, accessible to women everywhere so they could feel beautiful and confident about themselves. On the plane ride home, I sketched the idea of the It Kit on a napkin and started working on vbeauté. 

What's your favorite thing about the vbeauté brand? 

I wanted to create a line that was luxurious skincare but accessible to everyone, and I was able to do that with vbeauté. We have the best ingredients but at an affordable price point. We worked with CRB Labs, one of the best in the world, to formulate our products. We have the latest Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology and anti-age ingredients as well as being a clean line; the products are vegan, gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free, nut and oat free. Plus it's simple to use, all the products work together as an easy day and night system for all skin types. 

What made Soft Surroundings the right fit for vbeauté?

 The first time we saw Soft Surroundings in Southlake, we new we wanted to be retail partners. They have a lovely beauty section in their store with curated products. And their customer is our customer, someone who is looking for the best of the best and wants to take care of their skin but with an easy to use system.


What's your beauty routine like on a regular day?

I have a very simple beauty routine. I start with a fresh face: I recommend Evidence Eraser to cleanse and Rub Off to exfoliate. I exfoliate about twice a week, and it allows the serums and creams to penetrate the skin and give you the most benefits. After cleansing it's a 3 step process: serum, cream, eye cream. I mix Undercover Agent and Lite Up together, a pump of each in the palm of my hand, and apply. Then I follow with a dab of Buying Time everyday cream and lastly apply Eye Never eye cream 360 degrees around my eye. All of it takes about 60 seconds! I never leave home without protection either, so I apply Day Job vbeauté's zinc SPF 30 before my makeup. All the products have Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology to protect my skin from free radicals and the environment and Undercover Agent, Buying Time and Eye Never are my anti-aging trio with the BioCellular Peptide that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 30 days. 

What's the one beauty product you won't leave home without?

I never leave home without one or two Lip Spread glosses in my purse. I use the original which tints to your own personal shade of pink based on your pH balance and it's a great lip conditioner. I also bring along my personal favorite, Virgin, which is the perfect soft pink that can take you from day to night easily. It hydrates with cocoa butter and papaya extract and it's silky instead of having that sticky feel.

If I'm traveling, I definitely don't leave without my It Kit. It has my five skincare essentials and it scans right through airport security without having to use Ziploc bags or take it out of my carry-on!

We know you're a total fashionista. Do you go trendy on your beauty look? What's your beauty style and is the same as your fashion style? My beauty style goes hand in hand with my fashion style. From day to day, I keep it simple with a little eyeliner (sometimes in a bright color like teal or purple) and mascara and my Lip Spread Original gloss. When I am off to a big event or dinner, I pump up the drama with more eye shadow like a smokey eye and add a pop of color with one of my Lip Spread limited edition color glosses.