jelly shoes



Finicky springtime weather calls for shoes that won't get ruined if wet. After doing some retail research a few years back (yes, shopping it totally work thing, or so I tell myself) I fell in love with a brand of eco-chic shoes called Melissa. Melissa uses recycled materials to make plastic, yet ultra-chic shoes. Think of those jelly shoes you wore as a kid, but for adults and way more fashion forward. Unlike the jelly shoes you used to own, these are really comfy, chic, and don't make your feet sweat. They typically range from around $70-$150. That was until Melissa collaborated with my mecca, Forever 21! And that means you can score that same fashion-forward style the brand is known for, but for around $20 instead. 

These comfy-cute babies are great for spring and summer as they're easy to clean. Simply wipe with a wet rag. Bring to the beach to add some extra style and don't fret about getting sand in them since it'll be easy to get out. 

And like I said before, these are high-quality for such a great price. Each pair has a padded insole and a special scent in each pair, just like the more expensive version. Forever 21's site says "All styles have an additional insole on top of the plastic, to wick away moisture from your feet."

I don't know about you, but I literally want every pair! Click an image in the showroom below to take a closer look!

Xo! Trend Hungry in KOP!