Do you ever feel that sometimes fall fashion can be quite lifeless? Compared to spring and summer, fall colors can be dull and boring. For a girl like me who is in love with colors, I gotta find a way to somehow incorporate them in my fall outfits.

For me, there are three ways that I can add life to my fall fashion...

1. Incorporate Prints and Patterns
Most items during this season come in plain and solid colors so what happens is that colorblocking tends to just happen naturally. You will find that most ladies will wear a combination of black, browns, mustards, and sometimes wine color in their outfits. One of the great way to add fun to your ensemble is to incorporate prints and patterns to break the dull colorblocking - whether the print comes in pair of jeans, a sweater, a dress, or a jacket, don't be afraid to blend them in!

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2. Accessorize with Prints and Bright Colors
If you could hardly find a print in a piece or style that works for you, try accessorizing with prints and bright colors instead. Having prints or bright colors in your outfit, such as a scarf or a tote bag, or even just a bright colored necklace, breaks monotony, making your outfit more lively and enjoyable to look at.


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3. Use Brighter Shades of Fall Hues
Dark red, mustard, dark brown, turquoise and burnt orange are common fall colors. Although they are great, try to mix them with lighter shades so that your outfit doesn't look too dark.

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The bottom line is don't be afraid of experimenting with your look. You can also try mixing some summer items that you already have in your closet, such as those bright floral tops or dresses and layer them up! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and just because an item you have isn't trendy anymore doesn't mean that you can't use it anymore! You can always find ways to mix them in and out of season.