It seems that gone are the days of when much is too much when it comes to fashion jewelry. That of course is said within the premise of tasteful combination of different jewelry items to form a coherent fashionable statement that will compliment your outfit!

One thing good about fashion jewelry is that it can turn a simple outfit into an instant glam. Let me give you some tips on how you can "chic-ify" your outfit with different jewelry styles!

1. Combine One Long and One Bib Necklace

The white lace peplum top shown in the picture below is great as it is because of the lace material. However, it may still look plain just by itself. It may also look bare in the chest area because of the V-neckline. Some people may prefer to leave that part as it is but if you would like to add some glam and chic flavor to it, stack two necklaces: 1 long chain necklace and a bib necklace. See how it really doesn't look like they are two different pieces? It did form one coherent fashionable jewelry item that's not only aesthetically great but also functional in terms that it covered the chest area.



































2. Use a Bold Oversized Necklace

Another jewelry design that you can create a statement with is a bold oversized collar necklace such as this coral and gold one from Charming Charlie. I love that it almost has an Egyptian vibe to it.  When picking a style be sure to always consider the neckline you have of the blouse or the dress that you have. Usually collar or choker necklaces will compliment a bustier type dress such as shown in the picture or in some cases, V-necks too.

3. Chained Melody

Typically, when a shirt or dress already has a collar, it is left alone. However, I think it is great to style it with a necklace that flirtly peeks a bit in those collars. I'm sure you have seen those chunky chain necklaces everywhere. So as not to already go overboard because of the collar, try using one of these.


























3. Don't "Over-bare" It!

Tube tops and tube dresses are huge during the summer. They are great and all but unless you are going to the beach, ladies, don't wear it as it is! In my opinion, it looks adorable when a girl wears a statement piece over a tube. Depending on what necklace style you pick, sometimes it can even look as it's an attached part of your outfit!

It's not that complicated to make glam up with statement necklaces.

Thankfully Houstonians, we have a place around town like Charming Charlie where you will find all these necklaces I've shown here and which is definitely the go-to place for accessories, handbags, shoes, and now some clothing items too! They have branches everywhere in Houston but in the Galleria, you can find them in U, rink floor, in the Neiman Marcus wing. Visit their website also at