Want your winter-to-spring wardrobe transition to be as smooth as a Ryan Gosling pick-up line?

Buy a white jacket, Fancy Face.

white jackets


White jackets are the nice guys of the jacket world (as opposed to the black leather variety which we all know are the bad boys). They're perfect for this time of year when you're ready to break out of your dark clothing rut, but still need something to keep you warm while we experience this hot/cold/hot/cold weather.

There's certainly no shortage of styles out there, I've seen everything from moto jackets at Forever21 to the lace variety at Chicos. Find your perfect fit, then throw it on over sweaters, button downs, sun dresses, t-shirts...the list goes on and on.

I love my white blazer from Express in West Town Mall. Truthfully when I first bought it, I loved the fit more than the color. But now I see how fresh and unexpected a white jacket is, not to mention it's so versatile! It makes an all black outfit super chic (and more daytime appropriate).

Plus it adds just the right amount of "cool chic" to everything from boyfriend jeans to gray t-shirts.

Go out and pick up a great one for yourself today at West Town Mall!

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