valentines day sleepwear

Whether anyone sees it or not, it's a good time of year to update your sleepwear. I know what you wear to bed can easily get neglected, but I will say, it makes you feel like a movie star when you wake up in something lovely.

Here are some adorable options to give (and maybe to buy yourself) for Valentine's Day at West Town Mall!

Starting with the sweet...

Aerie has some super soft options like these lace hemmed boxers for only $19.95. Pair them with this silky chiffon tank and puppies everywhere will be jealous of your softness.

If you're a ruffle fan, then you should definitely own a ruffled robe (why don't you already!?) This one with the cute pink ribbon tie (also from Aerie) would be perfect for a girls weekend away.

Now onto the sultry...(Cue the slow jam).

Nothing says, "Happy Valentine's Day" in a whispered seductive voice, like red lace. Even your wallet will wink when it sees the price tag on these things! Get the panties for $4.80 and the bra for $14.80 at Forever21. Or slip into those silk pj's for only $19.80!

Finally, if you want a real gift both you and your man can enjoy...send him over to the lingerie department at Dillard's. There he can pick out a negligee, get your favorite perfume, add a pair of earrings and two pairs of panties and they'll put it all together in a basket. Simple as that!

It's the gift both of you will enjoy for many Valentine's Days to come *wink.

Sleep cute!

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