There are so mOPI accent nailany great summer nail colors out there! Thank God we have ten nails (and toes) to show off mor

Brights, pastels, darks and metallics-the options are endless. Instead of agonizing over which one to stick with for a full week-just add multiple!

A fun accent nail really livens up this black, and ensures you don't get tired of the one color on all ten fingers.

It also tones down a bright pink, and adds a little maturity to the OPI, "Fly" blue accent nail(pictured to the right).

One of the biggest summer nail trends I keep reading about, is going all white. But we all know what a pain white can be to paint-it definitely doesn't cover in one coat or two coats or three coats or four...

accent nailInstead, enjoy white as an accent nail with another color like a springy lilac!

This is OPI's "Do You Lilac It?" and the white is "Funny Bunny".

It's nail art made super easy, while adding so much visual interest to your manicure.

If you're not a fan of the contrasting colors, try adding a textured accent nail. Recently, OPI debuted a new line called "Liquid Sand" that has a great texture and just a little bit of shimmer to it. Match one of those colors to a glossy color just like it, and you can have an accent nail that's got a little textured pizzazz!

There's no reason to have boring nails this summer-go crazy with accent nails!

Did you know that Trade Secret (near the food court) has a coupon in the school coupon book? AND that it can be used more than once!? Well it does and it can! With the 15% off coupon, your OPI polish is only a little over $7-that's a bargain!