It's about this time of year that I begin each morning by group hugging my boots. Don't judge. Where I grew up, our winter highs were in the 60s.

Boots are the perfect footwear because your feet get to stay cozy in socks all day. It's almost like wearing cute slippers out of the house without looking like the crazy lady.

If that doesn't convince you to amp up your boot collection this fall, hopefully these options all found at West Town Mall will.

I combed the mall for boots of all sizes (since a girl can't have just one pair), and found some attractive options in very attractive price ranges.

Take a look...

You can bet your sweet sticky buns that I'll own a pair of over the knee boots before the season is out. Both of these beauties from West Town Mall are strong contenders. The pair on the right are from Charlotte Rouse and are only $30! While the pair on the left ring in at $95 from JCP. Two beautiful options no matter the price!

over the knee boots

Medium boots will always be a classic way to go, and either of these would flow perfectly with skinny jeans, a sweater and scarf. Try the pair on the left from Belk for $79 or go for the scrunched look with the pair on the right from Deb at $37.90. Good news for you is, both stores regularly run sales, so keep your eyes open for discounts.

medium boots

Short boots are like the cool friend you have that can throw on anything and look good. Throw these puppies on with a dress and tights and add some much needed edge to an otherwise girly ensemble. The top pair are from Wet Seal for $24.50 and the bottom ones are Roxy brand from Buckle for $79.

short boots

No matter your price range or height preference, there are plenty of boot options at West Town Mall, go check them out!

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