Whether vacation plans this month entail a beach trip, an exotic getaway or frequent outings to your local pool, for many, a bikini will be a staple in their summer swimwear collection.

But let’s face it -- one plain old two-piece isn’t enough to keep up with your fun-filled agenda. Besides, you didn’t bust your butt in the gym all year long to showcase your hot bod in a mediocre bikini.  So how do you go from an ordinary bikini to an extraordinary bikini?

Take a walk on the wild side and dare to be bold in mixed print swimwear. Check out a few reasons why I encourage the carefree style this summer.

Turning heads and having fun: Two things every girl wants to do. When you rock an intermixed bikini, I guarantee you will do a whole lot of both.

Get out of your comfort zone: Some of your best fashion moments take place when you think outside of the box. Don’t be scared to be creative with your swimwear this summer.

Get your money’s worth: It may cover a little, but quality swimwear can often cost a lot. So why buy a heap of bikinis to only wear the same style over and over again?

If you’re ready to try out the mixed print swimwear trend this summer, head to Victoria’s Secret at SouthPark for an exclusive Mix & Match collection, currently discounted for the retailer’s Semi-Annual sale.