I’m a firm believer that a sundress is the ultimate summer wardrobe staple. Rather, in my case, a horde of sundresses in multiple lengths, styles and colors. I simply can’t seem to get enough of them.

As a North Carolina resident, the sweltering heat and humidity often presents a fashion dilemma for me.  But no matter if I’m going to the movies, to the beach or to shop at SouthPark, a sundress seems to be the solution when nothing else seems to work.

Though sundresses are great and practical for virtually any occasion, I often hear girls complain that they don’t know exactly where to wear their sundresses. So I’ve compiled a few of the ways that I enjoy rocking the trend to help you celebrate sundress season regardless of where you’re headed.

Work: Many sundresses are strappy, strapless or very low-cut (i.e. mine above). Ditch these styles and opt for a sundress with a conservative neckline for the office. Then make it professional by overlaying it with a lightweight blazer or cardigan.

Get the look: Topshop 'Solarized' Print Maxi Dress (Nordstrom)

Date Night: With many outfits, accessories are the key to playing up your look. As sundresses can often be a great casual look, try to dress yours up with accessories for a romantic evening. Alternatively, a sundress with a high neckline is quite elegant.

Get the look: Paisley Print Halter Maxi Dress (Cache)

Special Occasions: Summer is the ideal season for outdoor events such as weddings and concerts. Whether long and flowing or short and flirty, a sundress is the perfect look any special event.

Get the look: Keds Juniors Seersucker Bustier Sundress (Macy’s)

Do you have any tips for donning a sundress this summer? Let me know in the comments section below!