Jennifer Brix Graduation


'Tis the season for college graduations!


Though long waiting periods and a wonky cap are the conventional associations with commencement ceremonies, that does not mean you can not celebrate the occasion in style. After all, who wouldn't want to look their best for such a big day? 

While a cap and gown in the sweltering heat may not leave much room for an elaborate ensemble, that does not mean you cannot showcase your remarkable style with minimalist touches . So in honor of your accomplishments  -- weather and mandatory attire notwithstanding -- here are a few tips on looking fab for your graduation day.



Start with your shoes

Need inspiration for your graduation 'fit? No better place to start than with your shoes! Decide whether your goal for the day is comfort with a pair of swank flats or celebratory glam with sky high stilettos! If you don't want to sacrifice comfort for style, wedges are also a worthy option for your graduation footwear. If you are in need of a little guidance on your search for chic shoes, take advantage of a free appointment with a Nordstrom personal stylist!

Play up your best features

On your graduation day, you are one in a sea of many donning the obligatory cap and gown. Why not stand out with a more personalized look? For instance, if you have a gorgeous eye color, try defining your eyes with a complementary eyeshadow color. For brown or blue eyes, aim for earthy colors such as gold or copper. Green and hazel eye colors also pair well with purple hues. 

Also, if you've got a great pucker, make your lips pop with a universally flattering, bold lip color from renown beauty brand, MAC Cosmetics. Try MAC's Ruby Woo, Girl About Town or Rebel lipstick for a perfectly pretty pout. 


The right jewelry can transform even the most basic outfit into a chic look. Not to mention, on your graduation day, accessories enable you to showcase personal expression while providing depth and sophistication to your conforming cap and gown. Rock a trendy watch, chandelier earrings, bangles or a statement necklace on your graduation day to add some flair to your garb. For a huge selection of stylish accessories, head to Aldo Accesories for affordable, on-trend pieces. 

Use these tips to look fab for your graduation day, then shop these stylish options today at SouthPark mall!