Men: listen up. It's not that hard to look cool, hip, stylish, or fashionable. Don't be scared. Get the essentials, some seasonal trendy pieces, and your set.

Here's what you need:

1. T-shirts. Not Hanes. I wash a boat load of my husbands, and while they make great undershirts (or messy pottery-making attire), they are what they are: cheap. Invest in the standard colors: gray, black, and white-or you could go crazy and throw a tan in there. The Gap has a ton of styles (casual, v-neck, etc.).

2. Jeans. Just like the ladies, you may have to try on a gazzilion pairs before you find the best fit.  Again, Gap carries a ton of styles and washes, as does American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and JC Penny.

3. Sweaters. Shop Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap, Express, and Macy's for these. Grab a black v-neck, a few mock zip ups in tan, and a few cables in various colors.  If you are brave-rock the cardigan.  Please.  There is something super sexy about a guy in a cardi.

4. Leather jacket-this piece is a must for both men and woman. I am still sad that Wilson's Leather closed at the Empire, but fear not-they are still online. Or, check out Jos. A. Banks, Macy's, and Revolution for a good selection.

5. Blazer. A blazer can go from business to casual pretty easily-so this is a piece that will get a ton of wear. Invest a little.  Express has a great selection, as does Jos. A. Banks. Macy's and Younkers.

6. Accessories: Aviators look great on everyone. I suggest grabbing a few inexpensive pairs at Target or even Walmart. If you're anything like me, you lose one pair a day. And every man needs a watch. Find a good standard at Macy's or Younkers in the mall.

7. Finally, you'll need some shoes. I love, love, love a great pair of leather or suede driving mocs. Also standard? A pair of leather boots. Brown or black will do (or both if your budget agrees). Banana Republic carries some great shoes for men, as does Journey's and Macy's. 


Happy Shopping!  And have a great weekend all:)