Trends are constantly changing, not only with clothing but also accessories. When we think of accessories we think of extra or flare.  But sometimes, our accessories are just what we need to take our look from basic to fashion forward! My favorite example of this is arm candy. 

What is arm candy you ask?

Arm candyStacking a random order and number of bracelets on your arm.

Here is a perfect example of an "arm party" which is another word for this trend of wearing multiple bracelets at one time. My arm party usually consists of a watch on one hand to break up the smaller bracelets with something a little more chunky. When deciding what watch to you use, be sure it's a statement but not too loud or colorful. This way it won't take away from your other arm candy. Also, if you notice, I wore the larger bracelets on one arm and the more simple/smaller bracelets on the other. 


Watch- Micheal Kors 

Bracelet with cream detail- Francesca's

Silver cuff with gold detail- Forever 21

Gold bangles- Forever 21

Bracelet with spike ends- Forever 21

"Love" charm bracelet- Forever 21

Bejeweled gray bracelet- Francesca's

All shops are located at Penn Square mall & are some of my favorite places to find affordable & cutesy jewelry! And best of all, each one of these bracelets is priced under $25.00! The watch is a little more pricey, but definitely worth the investment. I wear my Michael Kors watch almost every day!

As you can see, my arm candy went perfect with my gold tipped ballet flats! I love that extra pop of gold!

I hope everyone is inspired and ready to try putting together some of their favorite arm candy to create their very own arm party! Let's get to accessorizing! 

"Jewels are forever & ever." -Samantha 


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