Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th - and that's quickly approaching! If you're anything like me, you're thinking that maybe this year mom would really like another scarf to add to her collection. The collection of 29 scarves she for each year since you've been around.

But fear not! There are so many options out there this year, and I've created some easy go-to categories that will help you to find the perfect gift for Mom based on what she's really into (or needs to get into *ahem - technology category...*)


Ross Park Mall Mothers Day Gift Lush

Pamper mom with some of the AWESOME products at LUSH - Ross Park's newest store. Safe to say, I'm pretty obsessed with LUSH, and for good reasons! Their products smell amazing, and make you feel like a goddess. I received some of the Volcano Foot Mask as a sample recently, and it's perfect for a mom who is on her feet often. If you're not yet familiar with LUSH products, try one of their gift packs like this "A Mother's Day in Paradise" gift set. Mom will love you, and you'll love that mom smells nice.


Leeann Marie Pittsburgh Fashion Blog Stylist


Are you tired of mom wearing the same cheerleading sweatshirt she got as a parent gift during your years on the JV squad? Update mom's wardrobe in a friendly way by gifting her with some of the latest styles at your classy store of choice. Since it's the spring, a nice Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat from Nordstrom would be a perfect staple piece and shield from the rain. Looking for something she can wear as it warms up? This eyelet shirt from J Crew will keep her stylish at your family BBQs throughout the summer.


Cheesecake Factory Ross Park Mall

Mom always feeds you when you drop in at the house, so why not take mom out to eat as a special treat? The Cheesecake Factory at Ross Park Mall is bound to have something delicious (or you could always just skip straight to the dessert). Looking to win at the family's competitive Trivial Pursuit game this year? Buy mom a lovely bottle from Deer Creek Winery and watch your team magically gather your pie pieces while mom's team tries to remember the president's name.



Francesca's Ross Park Mall Jewelry

Men know it - and you should too: you can't go wrong with jewelry. This Cozumel Bouquet Necklace from Francesca's is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Mom will be amazed by how often she can wear it (think... wear with black, white, reds, tans, etc etc)! Is your mom working on creating the perfect Pandora bracelet? Gift her a new bead and she'll remember this Mother's Day until she gets her next bead forever.


Technology Gifts Pittsburgh Ross Park Mall

Does mom still leave you the never-ending voicemail? Looking to help ease her into this century? Gift her an iPhone and watch the confusion start! (kidding!). Spend some time with mom on May 12th teaching her how to send texts and look up directions. Help to keep the family connected. If your mom is already tech-savvy, an adorable iPad Folio Kate Spade will keep her style chic.


Mom deserves the best. Do something sweet for her this May 12th. Happy shopping!

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