Nail art and color has been uber-trendy for a long time now...are you on board?  If you're anything like me, you wish you had more time to do your nails at all - let alone time to create elaborate nail masterpieces.  It's summer, though, and the long days give you more time to set aside for yourself; and do yourself a little favor and take the time to pamper your paws.  Here are some ideas and trends to inspire you:

1.  The Bold Orange: According to The Zoe Report, this is one hot little color for summer.  Dior's Riveria 537 is a gorgeous bright orange coral that will keep your nails looking hot for a date night or summer shin-dig.  

2.  The Perfect Nude:  Nude nails are GORGEOUS in the summer - but you have to do them right.  I love this tutorial on finding your perfect nude nail polish from Daily Makeover to assist you in your search.  In the meantime, Perfection by Dolce & Gabbana is a great start!  

3.  The Ombre Look:  The New Black Ombre 5-Piece Nail Kits make this easy for you.  You get 5 colors that help you create one of the hottest nail art trends of the season for just $22 - a pretty great deal in my ever so humble opinion.  

4.  The Color of the Year:  Emerald is it, folks.  Use Metaphor by Jin Soon and you're golden - err, emerald.  For more tips on incorporating emerald into your life, check out  Emerald City: How to wear the color of the year this summer!

5.  The Nail Sticker:  These have made nail art so much easier for us less creative (or artsy) types.  Not to mention the time they save!  Check out SEPHORA by OPI Trend Tips - they come in a plethora of on-trend designs.  

6.   The Neon:  We've seen it everywhere - a lovely throwback to an 80's fave, neons are HUGE.  Take your neon nails up a notch with Ciate's Corrupted Neons Manicure Set - they include a top coat that makes your nails glow when exposed to black light.  

7.  The Pretty Pastel:  I especially love this color family on short, manicured nails - and mint green is one of my faves.  Try Botanical Gardens by nails inc.     

8.  The Metallic:  Urban Decay literally hit a gold mine with Naked - everybody wants those eye palettes.  Now you can snag a gorgeous nail palette with the Naked Nail Set that includes this summer's on trend metallic in addition to other nudes.  

9.  The Classic Red: What is it that never, ever goes out of style? Oh yeah, the classic red.  It always looks sophisticated, and always brings polish to your look.  Try Rouge N Pop Art by Yves Saint Laurent for a beautiful red.  

What are you wearing on your nails this summer?