Recently I had the most wonderful experience that cannot be summarized in mere words. This experience was to say the least an awakening of the senses and a discovery of decadent self-indulgence. This was an experience in every sense of the word… one that was filled with the essence of fresh fruit and blooming flowers surrounded by luscious candy-colored hues with the aroma of perfumes and fragrances that conjure visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

If you’ve ever walked into Macy’s and been captivated by the enchanting scent of alluring fragrances, then you’ve likely been smitten by the seduction of Lush Cosmetics. And once you’ve given in to temptation and sampled their products, you are never the same again. Lush Cosmetics are handmade from fresh natural products that use vegetarian ingredients with little or no preservatives. I’d have to say that I’ve been swooned by Lush Cosmetics for quite some time now and have since amassed a small collection of their products that I keep a close guard upon. It’s true! Fort Knox is a walk in the park compared to my stash of Lush bath bombs, bath melts, and bubble bars. I know it sounds a bit obsessive, but a girl has her needs. You’d think that I was preparing for a “fragrance-free apocalypse” with the amount of Lush products that I've stored up. (smile)

Lush Cosmetics at Lenox Square

Well as you’ve probably guessed, I absolutely adore Lush Cosmetics, and it would be by utter destiny that one day I’d have an opportunity to host an event at this fabulous store. So, when the long anticipated chance to do just that arrived, I was so overcome with joy that I could barely contain my glee. And just like a kid in a candy store on Christmas eve, I was more than eager to unwrap each and every treat within arm’s reach. So, I gathered several of my besties (aka the Blog Fab Fashionistas (BFFs) and descended upon the Lush store located inside Macy’s at Lenox Square for an evening filled with wonderful bath & beauty products, fabulous giveaways, goodie bags, and plenty of BFF fun!

Lush Cosmetics at Lenox Sqaure with the Blog Fab Fashionistas

During this scent-astic event our senses were fully pampered, and so were our faces, hands, and feet. That’s right! You see, not only does Lush offer wonderful bath, body, and fragrance products but they also carry invigorating facial masks that are simply amazing! Kiwi, one of my fellow blogging besties opted for the Ayesha facial mask ($6.95) which left her skin looking radiant and full of youthful glow. Lush carries a variety of Fresh Face Masks that are handmade with the finest essential oils, fresh fruits and veggies, deep cleansing clays and nutrient rich herbs. My other BFF Sophia decided to indulge in a foot and hand massage using Lush’s Body Lotions. And judging by the fact that she was literally scheduling a trip to La-La Sleepy Land, she no doubt enjoyed every moment of it. (smile)

Lush Cosmetics at Macy's Lenox Square - Emotional Brilliance

But, the talk of the eve was Lush’s new Emotional Brilliance makeup line. What is it you ask? Well, Lush has created a color wheel that allows you to choose your 3 favorite colors from the 32 possible choices to reveal the emotional state that color is associated with. This empowers you to choose your desired combination of colors that make you feel and look your best. How brilliant is that! I absolutely love the concept! Who knew that wearing a certain color would convey a specific emotion? Well, it looks like Lush has it all figured out.

We had an amazing time discovering all of the new and exciting products at Lush Cosmetics. Thanks to the fabulous Lush staff at Lenox Square for being such wonderful hosts during our BFFTweetup event!

Be sure to visit Lush Cosmetics located inside Macy’s at Lenox Square and discover why I'm "Living the Lush Life!"