Sometimes, shopping is done more out of necessity than out of enjoyment. When you need an outfit to wear for a wedding this weekend, for example, or you break out your fall sweaters and realize that mothballs really CAN serve a purpose.

In these instances, when I'm shopping because I need something specific, or an outfit for a specific occasion, I often like to shop with what I call the "get in, get out" approach. I want to go to a store, get what I need and leave.

So, I've decided to do a series of posts about great outfits that can be found by shopping just one store in Copley Place. For those times when shopping really is a need thing, or when you're short on time, but want to look great.

First up: A casual weekend outfit from J.Crew. This combination will take you from cheering on the Sox at the local bar, to brunch with friends, to outdoor apple/beer/oyster festivals and more. As temperatures drop, add a crew-neck sweater over the button down.

One-Stop Shopping: J. Crew

All items from J.Crew. From top left: 1. Classic Pave Link Bracelet 2. Garret Leight Brooks Sunglasses 3. Excursion Quilted Vest 4. Vintage Oxford 5. Parker Ankle Boots 6. Goldsign for J.Crew Jeans

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