Early morning alarm clocks, holiday music,  friends and of course ---  amazing deals --- these are the staples of any perfect Black Friday shopping trip.  But the question may arise --- what to wear?!  While pajamas may be tempting at that time of day -- we think there is a way to be both functional and fashionable for your Black Friday shopping.  

Dress comfortably and in layers.  Being comfortable while you shop is extremely important and layered clothes will allow you to easily adjust no matter what the temperature is inside or out.  Read on for specific tips

Scarf - A wide scarf is a perfect fashion for Black Friday shopping.  This versatile piece will help to keep you warm while awaiting for doors to open as well as is easily tucked into your bag when your temperature heats up. Not to mention -- these scarves with cute prints really can tie together your outfit. 
scarves style setter
Comfortable Shoes  - It may be tempting to throw on a pair of tall boots -- but these can create a little too much work for the fitting rooms.  That's why we prefer either well soled boots or supportive flats.



Tunic - Chances are you are going to be bending over and on the move -- the last thing you want to worry about is showing too much skin or appear like a plumber.  A tunic keeps you covered but is still flattering.  Choose the weight based on your local weather.


Skinny Jeans or Leggings - Some people love them and others can't stand them -- but today is a day where leggings are completely acceptable -- as long as your covered by your tunic.  While somewhat non-traditional, we recommending Lululemon's tights to be worn as leggings.  The thicker material provides a more streamlined look and the breath ability keeps your temperature right no matter the weather.  Prefer something more substantial --- opt for some skinny jeans with a bit of stretch. 


Watch - Of course you likely have a cell phone that keeps the time; but wearing a watch is a must do for Black Friday -- with various opening hours and so many places to visit -- a watch can keep you on track and is handier than digging through your bag to check the time.

Cross Body Bag - Cross body bags are currently on trend, so this is an easy option that makes sense for shopping.  A handbag with a strap that you can put across your body and keep in front of you will allow you more freedom to carry your purchases. A shoulder bag can get heavy and slip down, while a clutch is more easily misplaced. Pack your purse for just the essentials you need for your day of shopping to keep your handbag light.