I've fallen in love with Aldo again, and I feel you should too. Whether you are looking for those new sandals, professional pumps, casual sneakers, or the hottest new accessories Aldo is the perfect store for you! 

So what are the hottest shoe trends for Aldo this season...lets take a look!

For the ladies obviously the biggest thing for summer is, sandals. The main types of sandals are wedges, flats, and high heals. These are my favorites:

These are perfect for both a dressy and casual occasion because of the two-tone color scheme in the shoe.

Now for my fellas' Aldo has boots, dress shoes, and sandals but what is that hot shoe you need no matter the season?! Nice casual shoes! There are so many times I see guys in jeans and running shoes. Guys, that is a huge party foul!!! Make sure you have at least one pair of versatile casual shoes that you can wear with jeans, khakis, slacks, and a nice shirt if need be. Some of my favorites from Aldo are:

The black and brown color make this the perfect casual shoe. Guys, you can wear it with both colors and various shades of blue jeans, (though I always recommend dark jeans for dressier occasions). Also the clean lines, two tone laces, and and wooden-like sole block heel make this shoe look so much more sophisticated.

As you can see Aldo has some great finds for both the ladies and gents. Aldo stays ahead in the hottest trends and accessories so make sure to take a stop in there next time you are in need of the hottest kicks!