So the verdict is in and the jacket to have this fall is the classic motorcylce jacket! This jacket  is coming with a lot of twists this year. Here are a few options I found to vamp up your moto game!

There are a few shops in Wolfchase for this specific trend and I'll tell you exactly where to look:


This is their classic moto jacket, at $298, it is a staple for every girl's wardrobe. They also have many others to choose from like these equally stylish jackets:

On the far left we have the Quilted Leather Jacket, at $298, it is a wardrobe staple because of the versatile color. The middle is the 1969 Denim Moto Jacket at $71.96. This is a new twist to the classic since it is in denim. As you can see the jacket goes great with a pair of colored jeans, or over a bold patterned dress. Last is the Terry Moto Jacket, at $62.95. This is perfect for the office since it is a little fancier than the leather. 


In the top left we have the Leather Buckle Moto Jacket, at $76.80. This is a little longer than a classic moto jacket, but it is nice for people who do not love the cropped look. In the top right is the Leather Trim Wool Blend, at $98.80. This is another fancy moto jacket much like the Leather and Moleskin Moto Jacket in the bottom left, at $76.80. These are also great for the office and cool, fall days. The last jacket is my favorite. The Studded Cropped Leather Moto Jacket is $106.80. This is just so fun, and if you know anything about me you know I love all things studded. Studs add a little kick to everyone's wardrobe! 

It's time to hit the streets in a fabulous new jacket. Choose your favorite style and incorporate it into your fall wardrobe!