If you're anything like me than you spend two full days packing for your upcoming trip. You lay out every day and night time outfit with matching jewelry in their own little baggies, you pack a floppy sun hat for every bathingsuit you packed and of course you grab that other small carry on luggage just for shoes! However, these days your vacay starts the minute you get through security so here's some airport style inspiration. 


I wouldn't call this the most fancy outfit, but it's definitely going to get you to that meeting you are going to straight from the airport or it will keep you looking pretty for that family dinner you plan on making as soon as you get in! I chose this outfit because it's EASY! The wedges give it a dressier look however, you can kick these off at security with no fuss!

Belted Shirttail Dress - Banana Republic, $110

Maisie Wedge - Banana Republic, $120


If I don't have anywhere uber important to go straight from the airport, this look is my go-to look. I call this my celebrity airport style. A simple fitted baseball cap with flip flops is perfection. I do usually have on a scarf or a zip up hoodie just in case it gets a little chilly on the plane. 

New York Yankees Cap - Lids, $24.99

Essential Short-Sleeve Tee - Gap, $19.95

1969 Destructed Sex Boyfriend Jeans - Gap, on sale $52.46

Leather Flip Flops - Gap, $20


Happy Shopping Friends