The weather's warm, the flowers are bloomed, the birds are singing, and the Spring time styles have taken center stage! With all the fashion & style trends circulating, it may be a challenge to choose which ones to make your own. However with the popularity of pop music sensation Justin Timberlake's latest single 'Suit & Tie', the phrase "dress to impress" has sky rocketed to a whole new level of sexiness. From cool, clean linen to smooth seer sucker to classic, comfy cotton...suits are the new spring time must have for the mature man with much style. 

Ralph Lauren

Ladies love linen...and the men that wear it. Linen is perhaps the most worn fabric during spring and summer months because of its light weight, easy-breezy, ventilated feel. While this fabric does wrinkle quite easily, there's no need to iron these out; it gives you a really relaxed look while still staying spring time sharp.


Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers

Seer sucker suits are yet another traditional spring and summer time favorite. The classic blue and white striped fabric is also light weight and looks great on most men when worn well. Choose to showcase the whole suit, feature the pants paired with a polo, or rock the jacket with some chino shorts or navy khakis for a nautical look.

Ralph Lauren

Cotton based suits are still welcome within your wardrobe during these warm months. For the more traditional male, there's the option of keeping it clean without sacrificing comfort. Linen and seer sucker may not be a feasible fashion for some seasonal events, so keep your mind, and closet, open to a more standard suit.


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