Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with the VP of Corporate Events for Simon Malls, and fashion connoisseur, Jacqué Ellis, about fall fashion and the upcoming Simon Fashion Now event presented by Cadillac. Here's some expert insight on both Simon Fashion Now and the top Fall Trends of 2013.
1) What can we expect to see this fall for Simon Fashion Now at the Galleria?
It's all about accessibility. We will showcase high-end brands, as well as more affordable retailers. There will be items for both men and women, from apparel, shoes, handbags, and even gadgets such as headphones, etc. What I'm most excited about is how Simon Fashion Now is gearing the trends toward each region. For Houston they will be showing from stores such as Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus, Jimmy Choo, Gap, Macys, and LK Bennet. There will be something for everyone. The main goal for Simon Fashion Now is to inspire our customers. 
2) What are some of fall's top trends?
Emerald is a signature color for fall, but all shades of green are great. This is wonderful because any shade can compliment all different skin tones. Classic color combinations such as black and white, and camel and navy, will look great with pops of bold accent colors. Winter white is also a great color for fall. You can wear it head to toe, or mixed with other colors. One of my personal favorite trends is leather. If leather pants are too much for you, there are various other clothing options that incorporate leather accents. If you are not interested in wearing real leather items, faux leather options can be found at retailers too. One of the easiest trends to get into this fall is accessorizing with high impact details. Anything from texture, metallics and bejeweled embellishments, this is something you can do to dress up any outfit.
3) Which are your favorite trends?
As mentioned earlier, leather is one of my favorite trends. So many fall pieces have accents of leather. I love fall-style shoes like over-the-knee boots, platforms, stacked heels, and round toe silhouettes. I also love the idea of gray being the new black and statement outerwear.
4) Last year oxblood was a huge trend, will we still being seeing a lot of it this year?  
When dealing with trends I say pick things that look good on you. As of recently, trends have been very transitional, which means items are sticking around for more than one season. You can never go wrong with jewel tones for fall.
4) What are your 5 essential pieces every woman should own?
1. Great tailored blazer - Fit is key. Make sure you pick one that is form fitted and accentuates your waist. 
2. Denim - You must have a go-to pair of jeans that feel good. You can never go wrong with a dark wash, skinny jean.
3. Little black dress - Pick one that has some fun detail, or a simplier style you can dress up with accessories.
4. Key undergarments - A great pair of tights, which can add texture or pop of color, the right size bra, and spanx are all wardrobe essentials. You should never forget the importance of undergarments.
5. Blouse or Turtleneck - These items can be a great base to use for a lot of different looks. Plus, you don't have to spend a lot of money on them. Find a brand and fit you like and buy it in multiple colors.
5) Are there any summer trends can you still use for Fall/Winter?
-Colorful Denim
-Crops with layers
Final tip - If you won't walk out of the dressing room to look at yourself in the public mirror, then you probably shouldn't get it. It's all about personal style and confidence. As long as you feel good in it, then you'll look great.
Remember to join us with the Simon Fashion Now festivities starting this Thursday night with a private show that can be viewed from the upper levels, but everyone should join us on Friday for our Trends & Friends event, starting at 5pm with swag bags* (while supplies last) to runway shows, and booths of some of your favorite retailers.  Check out my last post for more details.



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