When browsing through magazines, blogs, and observing street style, I cannot help but notice the resurgence in styles reminiscent of 90's inspired fashion, and culture for that matter. Some of you may be cringing at the memories of your style from the time when it was grunge, grunge grunge, but with the right balance, some key pieces that hail from that 90's era can be styled to modern standards and look timelessly chic.

I have highlighted some major style beacons of 90's style which can all be found at stores in the Burlington Mall, and I have added some tips on how to seamlessly work them into your wardrobe today.

1. Crop tops: Crop tops were definitely a statement for the more bold and daring in the 90's, and still are today. However, pairing a crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt (major trend of 2012), keeps the look from showing too much midriff, makes the style more flattering for more body types, and gives it a more modern and current feel.

Top Shop via Nordstrom: $16

See it styled (source)

2. Turtle necks: Although turtle necks never exactly went out of style, they are popping up in more places and being styled in more ways. Try wearing one under a sleeveless dress or shell for a new look.

J.Crew was: $39.50 now: $14.99

3. Dark lips: Dark purple lips are back in shades that are more flattering than before (I swear).

MAC Cosmetics "Rebel", $15

4. Grunge: The style that the 90's are truly responsible for inspiring is back. A great store for the cool grunge-y vibe is always Urban Outfitters.

BDG via Urban Outfitters, $59

5. Jean jacket: I still have mine from the 90's as a result of a hunch that I had that the jean jacket would once again be cool. Jean jackets come and go on the fashion scene, but luckily the preferred cut and wash has not changed too much so investing in a classic jean jacket will be worth it in the long run.

Gap, $69.95

6. Plaid and flannel: Layered or not, plaid and flannel are on trend right now, no matter how they are styled. However, to truly emulate that 90's grunge style, try tying a flannel button down around your waist and pair with a t-shirt, distressed denim bottoms, and wear a utility jacket over it.

BDG via Urban Outfitters was: $39 now: $29

7. Denim cut offs: Back. I like a more authentic-looking pair of cut-offs so I took scissors to a pair of old J. Crew jeans that I had in my dresser, but there are plenty of "ready made" cut-offs out there. Styling tip: To wear them in the colder weather, wear your cut-offs with a pair of black tights and boots. 

Urban Outfitters $44

8. Tie front button down shirt: Knotted button-down shirts are back by popular demand. Although you can always use a regular button-down and tie yourself, a tie front button down is a great option as well as it shows less midriff, if any.

Forever 21 $17.50