In a city known for preppy garb, I cannot help but notice an uptick in whimsical sweater wearing all over the streets of Boston. The sweaters tend to be crew neck and classic by standards of fit and material, yet the design is nothing but ordinary. I would describe them as an upscale version of a graphic tee, and portray whimsical images and ideas on them making them just as cute as they are chic.

Below you will find a few of my favorite whimsical sweater designs and where to get them at the Burlington Mall. 

1. I am in love with the faux-fox stole around the shoulders of the sweater pictured below. The idea is so very playful in a subtle way.

Nordstrom, $48

2. All dressed up and nowhere to go, the oversized image of a penguin is absolutely too cute for words.

Forever 21, $22.80

3. A cheery portrait of a fruit makes this option seem fresh. Wear is over a collared button-down to change it up and add dimension to the look.

J. Crew, $98

4. Another playful animal print, I like how this one is smaller and perched off to the side.

J. Crew, $98

5. Another way of wearing your heart on your sleeve... or sweater.

Forever 21, $17.80

6. The sweater pictured below is a trend within a trend. Aside from the splash of whimsical statement sweaters I have been noticing, I have also been noticing the infiltration of mustaches onto the fashion scene. I have seen mustache manicures, embroidered loafers, rings, wallets with mustaches on them, etc. They seem to be popping up everywhere so it's no wonder that there is a fun sweater with one (or three, for those of you really on board with this trend) on it. And I have to admit, I find myself drawn to the chic little black mustaches myself. 

Forever 21, $19.80

Forever 21, $19.80

What's your take on the whimsical sweater trend? And I want to know; do you own anything with mustaches on it yet?