I cannot express how invaluable my chambray top, ok tops, have proven to be. So much so, that I would advocate that chambray shirts deserve to be forever inducted into the category of closet staples-- that is, no wardrobe is complete without one.

Somehow, chambray tops have the ability to take a seemingly tough to pull off trend, and instantly make it look effortless. Wear it with neon, loud printed pants, obnoxiously glamorous statement jewelry, a leather skirt, etc., the options are limitless.

When shopping for the look, the key to finding a chambray top that will lend itself to becoming the most versatile piece in your closet, is finding one that fits well. This comes from significant trial and error, but I have selected a few tops to serve as a reference point in hopes that they will inspire and steer you in the right direction for what you are looking for.

1. Casual Chambray: Pair with anything from your favorite jeans, to your stand-by pencil skirt. Mix it up: also try wearing it unbuttoned with just about anything, as you would a jean jacket, for a casual "un-done" look.

J. Crew, $78

Ali & Kris via Macy's, $36

2. Wear to work chambray: For a chambray top that can be worn to work, look for a darker wash that does not look distressed or worn in any way. Keep it polished like the one pictured below from Ann Taylor, and wear it as you would any button-down blouse to work. 

Ann Taylor, was $78, now $29.99

Chambray tops are one of my favorite "high-low" mixing pieces. Pairing an ornate or embellished article of clothing such as a beaded or sequined skirt with a chambray top will achieve just that. They are the perfect go-to for toning down anything that feels over-the-top!