Hello Fellow Style Mavens!

It's that time of year when the trees are starting to get bare, the clocks have fallen back and we're seemingly always under a cloud of gray skies. This is the time of year when I always start to feel a little melancholy. Maybe it's because in Australia it's the start of summer and my friends back there are all in flirty, thin dresses and I'm here bundling myself up for strolls on the Monon. Maybe it's just the shorter days and the cooler air laced with the scent of wood fires that takes me back to these days leading to the first snow fall. 

If you're feeling at all like me, why not spice up a gray day with my top 15 picks of the cool shade that's become the new black. Check them out below and head to The Fashion Mall at Keystone to get a head start on your personal holiday shopping. After all, we all want to be on-trend while shopping for Christmas gifts!

Items Left to Right:  Scarf Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saks// Faux Fur Vest, Michael Kors// Knit hat, Michael Kors// Earrings, C Wonder// Baystar Chuckk shoe, Sperry Topsider// Skinny Jeans, Free People// Sport Stripe Sock, Free People// Metallic Rim Sunglasses, Tory Burch at Saks// Daf Booty by Christian Louboutin, Saks// Peplum top, Free People// Lucite Cuff, C Wonder// Sweater, BCBG// Skirt, J.Crew// Enamel Hardware belt, Cole Haan.


Thanks to the stars at Polina Osherov's studio, you can see how I wore the gray trend here!

I'm loving anything leather right now, so these leather military pants in gray are my favorite of the season. Paired with a feminine blouse or top they are perfect for a day at the mall!

Happy shopping,

Bisous Bisous!

Bronte xx


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