As the weather is cooling down it's important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the winter months. Also, changing your foundation to a lighter shade is probably a good idea too. Unless you're frequenting a tanning salon, your skin tone is going to lighten a bit in the winter. I've found a few products that help me through the season and I wanted to share them with you!

My new favorite foundation is "Hello Flawless" by Benefit.  Found at Sephora NorthEast Mall.  

This foundation is light, moisturizing and goes on super smooth. I always recommend to moisturize before foundation, but with this you almost don't even have to!

Kiehl's "Orange Flower & Lychee" perfume

This is one of those scents you just have to smell to believe. It's light, airy, clean and refreshing. Every time I go out I get a lot of compliments on my perfume. It's not overly floral or musky...and I like that. This can be found in the Nordstrom fragrance department. 

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish

This nail product is great because it creates a gel look, but you don't need a UV LIght to apply it like many other gel polishes.  It also lasts a lot longer too!  This brand of nail polish can be found at Sephora.

Last, but not least, is Tarte LipSurgence. The first time I tried this I was amazed! It's a natural lip stain that is clinically proven to increase lips' moisture content by 6000 percent. It leaves your lips feeling fresh and moisturized without that icky feeling or taste from other lip products. I own a few of these and it's something I cannot live without, especially during the winter season. You can test out all of Tarte's shades at Sephora.


What is your favorite beauty product for the cooler months?