So recently I headed over to Briarwood mall in the search of some basic to fill my closet, because these are staple items that can be worn throughout any season. I have lots of plain tops and bottoms that can be worn with any outfit, but after wearing them through a few seasons, I decided I needed to update the basic section of my closet. Walking around from store to store, I finally found my jackpot when I stepped into JCrew. They had racks, tables, and displays full of cute clothes, and TONS of basics T's, blouses, and even shorts (perfect for the upcoming warm weather). I love having that one tank that can always turn to when I need something quick to throw on or just to put on under a blouse. Basics are a must in every woman's closet, and JCrew offers plenty basics in every color of the spectrum. I got a little carried away, and wanted to pick up everything in every color because they were all too cute and I know I could find millions of ways to wear each and every one of them. So check out the many adorable and functional basics Jcrew offers so you can dress-up your style. 


First, I picked up some plain tank tops and T-shirts, because they are quick and easy to thrown on and even better to layer with.

Next, even though some of their blouses are plain, they have a certain chic element to them that can make any woman feel put together and classy.

Finally, these awesome shorts come in every color to fit your every mood, and there are even fun patterns and florals thrown in too.


* Bounus: JCrew offers a 15% discount to all students who show a valid school ID at check-out (score!)