It's a new year, ladies and gents. Do you have your resolutions up on the fridge yet? If you're still searching for a healthy habit to make stick in 2014, allow me to suggest the following: a tried and true skin care routine. 

Your skin is important, and while it looks great while we're young, you have to take care of it in order to keep it looking gorgeous and glowing as you age. I visited Sephora at Towne East Square and came up with a list of products for a simple skin care routine. Let's get started:

SS- New Year, New Face

1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
2. Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes
3. Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
4. Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
5. Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night Cream
6. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 Moisturizer
7. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Serum

Skin care may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. You need a cleanser to wash off makeup and the day's dirt and dust, or to freshen up in the morning if your skin is particularly oily. This cleanser from Philosophy is a favorite (1), but makeup remover wipes (2) can get you by in a pinch.

After you wash, layer on a serum to tackle a range of problems- you can find serums that help with fine lines, lack of moisture, dark spots, sun damage, lack of radiance, etc. I love this serum from Clinique (7); it's super lightweight but packs a punch. Give your serum a few minutes to sink in, and then reach for the moisturizer.

Go with a moisturizer + SPF combo during the day (6) and a night cream in the evening (5). Eye cream is up next (4); you have to keep the area around the eye hydrated. Finally, slip some super emollient lip balm (3) on your pout before bed and stop chapped lips in their tracks.

A few of my personal beauty rules:

  • Always, always wash your makeup off before bed. Not only does it get the makeup + dirt and grime of the day off your face, it gives you a clean palette to apply moisturizers and serums that will improve your skin.
  • Eye cream is your best friend! Every day, morning and night, no matter what. The eye area is super delicate and is usually one of the first areas to show age, so keep it hydrated.
  • SPF is a must. You need to protect your skin from the sun all year long, not just on beach vacations or during the summer. Look for a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15.
  • Let products sink in. The tendency is to keep piling on product after product, one right after the other, in order to complete the routine (and start working on that beauty sleep!), but you want to give your serum a chance to absorb before putting on your moisturizer. In the morning, you'll want to give your moisturizer time to absorb before putting on your makeup. About 5 minutes should do it- I use the time to brush my teeth, floss, take vitamins, etc.
  • What you do to your face, do to your neck, chest, and hands. These areas show age too, so they need a little product love. Use enough of your serum and moisturizer to cover these areas, as well.

Happy New Year and happy shopping!

You can pick up the products featured above at Sephora.