I like to spend a lot of time outdoors - either walking, going to the park, enjoying the sunshine, and.. (of course) shopping at the St. Johns Town Center.. so footwear becomes something important for me. While I want to look cute, I don't necessarily want to wear a shoe with little to no support.. or worse.. with heels.. and sneakers don't compliment all (read: most) outfits for chicks. So, I'm often left in a quandary on what to kick on. 

However, one of my newest obsessions and one of my Top Picks for a Florida Fall, is the chic loafer! With full coverage (no toe cramps from scrunching flip flops or heel fatigue from crazy height!) and super cute AND varied designs, loafers will take any outfit to fab without compromising comfort. For me, the chic loafer is really just an updated ballet flat. A little more structured and a lot more classy! They're quickly becoming a go to for me! 

And they look great with any outfit: dresses, skirts, shorts, skinnies, bootcut.. the sky (err... the grass?) is the limit with these! 

One of my favorite things about loafers is the crazy designs that often accompany them.. I love the sparkle and texture of these Mithell loafers from Aldo! I am a sucker for the color black.. but they also come in ivory. 


Mithell Loafer from Aldo in black

know you've had to seen the likes of these loafers in celebrity Instagrams.. Dress a la Lucy Hale with an adorable pair of kitty face loafers! These chic styled loafers are a great way to have a little fun in your wardrobe! Urban Outfitter's has a great pair from Seychelles! Again, they come in both black and neutral. 

Seychilles Cat Loafer from Urban Outfitters in neutral

If anyone can do out of this world, it's Steve Madden! And their Conncord series of loafers put the cray in crazy! From fully rhinestoned animal prints to stripes to insane rainbows, your feet won't be missed by anyone this season! Also from Steve Madden, the Alltonn Velvet loafer brings in a little bit of style from the East - and I'm not talking New York :) With influences from the Orient, these shoes (in burgundy or black) are a MUST HAVE for fall this year! Can't you just see yourself bundled up in front of a fire with these babies? Ok.. so its still 95 degrees here in Florida.. but plan ahead! 

Steve Madden Conncord shoes in fuchsia multi

Steve Madden Alltonn Burgundy Velvet loafer


These are just some of the awesome loafers out there! Stop by the St. Johns Town Center and see what else you can find! And while you're at it.. check out some ankle boots, too!  Fall Fashion: Ankle Boots!