As a kid, my dress up phase consisted more of pretending I was a puppy than a princess. Trudging around on all fours, I used my mom's eyeliner to draw whiskers on my cheeks and a dot on my nose. Flash forward to college where I avoided the parties involving a theme - is it required, I always asked? Post college, I was relieved to be excused from occasions where I'd have to don a costume. Don't get me wrong - I love fashion - but a theme? A costume? The pressure is all too much. For me, fashion is very fleeting - what I feel good in now. What's in style this moment. What makes me different immediately. Costumes and planning and themes.. just takes the surprise out of entering a party in something unexpected. 

So imagine my chagrin when I learned an upcoming party I am attending was proudly hosting a theme. Ugh. A theme? I thought for sure I was past such pressures! Alas, I will not allow myself to sit this one out - so there I will be.. dressed a la 1970s. 

Luckily for me, 1970s is a great theme. Way preferred to most other decades and leagues above "anything but clothes" or "tacky prom". My mind is already running with style options.. do I go "hippy" of the early 70s or "disco" of the late? Should I just dress as a Village Person? What would John Travolta do? So all of this costume theme planning really got me thinking of modern, stylish ways to incorporate the free spirit of the 1970s.. 

One of the best ways to capture the ease and breeze of the 1970s is through fringe. Free moving and organic, fringe was a staple in the 70s era of non conformity. And what better way to style fringe than through a vest! Quite possibly the greatest piece of layering gleaned from the 70s. Buckle has the greatest collection of vests that I've ever seen. Everything ranging from sweater-inspired vests to denim to sparkle - they truly have something for everyone. These fringed vests were some of my favorites! And just marvel at that variety! All three of these vests are fringed, yet have such very different looks to them! 




For some reason, when I think of "gogo boots" the only color that comes to mind is white. And while I don't necessarily advocate bringing back knee high platform boots, there is something to be said for the other famous shoe style of the 1970s: the wedge. Great for summer, when you're outside in the warmer weather on uneven ground and ultra versatile for nearly every outfit, wedges are a fabulous take away from the 70s! Steve Madden has my favorite collection of wedged sandals. For the purposes of this post, I am going to focus on white - but Steve Madden has great wedges in all colors and patterns. So go crazy with them and make sure you select a color that fits your style and wardrobe best!



For the party I'm attending, I've decided to go more "hippy" than "disco".. so that makes head pieces ultra relevant. Luckily for me Urban Outfitters has the best selection of amazing hair accessories! From floral to chain to classic wrap, they have everything! The head piece is probably the most exciting component of dressing for the 70s to me. I just can't decide which style to go for.. I really love them all. 



There are many more styles and trends from the 1970s.. these are just some of my favorites to incorporate on an on-going basis! Summer always brings out an element of throwback - and the 70s seems like the perfect landing spot for 2013. Are there any looks from the 70s you love? Or suggestions for my party attire? Comment me!