One part awesome, one part gorgeous, and millions of parts ohhh soooo fragranttt... Lush Cosmetics is a wonder world of all that is fresh, handmade, and package-free!  Although Lush has been open at the St. Johns Town Center for a few weeks now, I just recently had the chance to visit them - and let me tell you.. it was life changing!  Entering the store is like popping into a French market on a Saturday afternoon.. There's pretty, minimalist packages of bottled products adorning warm and welcoming wood shelves. You're invited and encouraged to try everything.. from every bath bubbler to cream perfume to hair elixer to massage bar, oh my!  Be ready for a scent journey like you've never imagined!

The employees are LOADED with knowledge - not just about the products or ingredients themselves, but also about the sometimes crazy.. and always entertaining stories behind the different item's names, meanings, or invention. Lush is one of those beauty product places where you aren't sure if the tester is for applying to the skin or eating.. there's little tubs of hair tonics, face masks, and cream cleansers over ice with chalkboards telling you the why's and how's. There's slices of soaps and bath bubblers beckoning you to smell and stay..


I loved this Ickle Baby Bot and he made the best Instagram (follow me: @northflphoto)! Who wouldn't love to relax in a tub with this little bath bomb? The tag said "lavendar and chamomile sleep inducing bath bomb" - mmmm sounds amazing after a long day at work! 


Bring out your inner child with Lush's bendable, playable, pliable SOAP!  Wrapped in cellophane, this fun little soap can be used for cleaning or bathtub water sudsing.. and of course making into majestic animals! And, post-play - your hands will smell DIVINE! 

After I talked myself out wanting to buy EVERYTHING in the store.. I settled on an amazingly YUMMY chocolate orange bar for my (new! we just moved!) bathtub! My first bathtub ever deserved the best bath bar ever! The Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbler smelled soooo good.. not too orange-y but not too sweet! I can't wait to try it out! I highly recommend stopping into Lush and giving it a whirl - I can promise you'll find something you can't live without and be entertained by their amazing crew! Don't trust me? Check out these posts by fellow Style Setters about the Lush at their malls!  Get Your Smell On: LUSH and  Living the Lush Life <3