Personally, I've always been more of an earring person, rather than a necklace girl. But after checking out the fabulous statement necklaces that The Mall at Rockingham Park has to offer, I became obsessed! The mall has oodles of fun baubles that are unique, gorgeous, and come in a range of prices and styles. 

To wear a statement necklace properly, make sure to tone down any other accessories you might be wearing. If you must wear earrings, go for simple studs. The necklace should always take center stage. It can easily dress up a casual outfit, or can be worn to a fancy event. 

Here are my top 6 picks:

  1. Petite Floral Necklace, Banana Republic ($59.50) - This awesome necklace comes in four different colors. I like the navy hue myself--it adds a fun pop of color to any outfit.
  2. Large Sunflower Necklace, J. Crew ($55.00) - The soft pink color of this statement piece makes it easy to wear with anything. Because the color is so light, it can actually pass for a neutral, meaning that there isn't one outfit that it wouldn't go with.
  3. Betsey Johnson Crystal Gem Necklace, Macy's ($55.00) - Oh Betsey, how I love thee! This delicate necklace is perfect for someone who wants to try out the trend without stepping too far out of their comfort zone. 
  4. Regal Bib Necklace, Forever 21 ($12.80) - The price on this pretty necklace simply can't be beat! This is another piece that can be worn with virtually anything.
  5. Silver Floral Gem Statement Necklace, CACHÉ  ($98.00) - I'm totally loving the style of this one. It looks classic and beautiful.
  6. Carolee Candy Girl Floral Frontal Necklace, Lord & Taylor ($250.00) - Okay, so this necklace is my absolute favorite of the bunch. It's girly to the max, and combines two of the trendiest colors for Spring (light pink and light teal). This one's at the top of my wish list...and let's be honest--chances are, I'll just end up buying it within the next few days. This is definitely something worth splurging on!

These are only a few of the lovely statement necklaces that can be found at The Mall at Rockingham Park. My suggestion? Take a trip to the mall and check out what all their amazing stores have! Investing in a statement necklace is something that I think every lady should do. They're much more versatile than you may think. Trust me--once you get one, you'll want to wear it non-stop!

Happy shopping!

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