Lace is always fabulous, as far as I'm concerned. It never really goes out of style and there are constantly different ways to wear it. It's funny because I owe my love of lace to my stylish mom.  I used to have the coolest wardrobe when I was little, lots of it lace.  I had a really great neon pink dress that I wore with a black lace top (and black lace tights, I think) and I wore it for my kindergarten class picture. It was so cute, I'd wear that outfit now! 

It's safe to say that since then, I've always been lace-obsessed.

More recently, I did a little shopping and put together a few of my new fave ways to wear lovely, lovely lace.


The Classic Cami

You can't beat the classic top. A lace cami is a great thing to own because you can wear it with virtually anything.  It can easily be dressed up or down, and they're even seasonless--wear one on its own in the summer and top it off with a cute cardigan when it gets chilly out. Definitely something to stock up on! A great option is this Embroidered Lace Cami from Aerie ($14.99).

Pretty Patterned Shades

Totally cute and unexpected, right?! I'm a huge sunglasses fan in general, but these Vera Wang Safira Oversized Sunglasses have the most adorable lace pattern! I think this is the very first pair of sunglasses I've seen with the dainty pattern, and I gotta say:  I'm in love. This pair can be found at  Lord & Taylor ($250).


Dress Up a Comfy Sweatshirt

A nice little mini trend lately is blinged out sweatshirts, and I'm totally on board. Pairing something dressy and classic like lace with a plain gray sweat top really dresses it up and completely changes the look.  It takes it from a shirt you'd normally only wear around the house to something you could wear out with the right pieces (hint: dark wash skinny jeans and strappy black heels would do the trick!) You can find sweatshirts that look like this all over the place, but this particularlly Lovely Lace Pullover from Forever 21 ($13.80) is too cute to pass up!


Sexify Your Shoes

It's a simple fact--every girl (myself included) can never have enough black pumps.  The lace inset in this pair of French Connection Cybil Suede & Lace Pumps is the perfect way to make your shoes stand out.  Anyone can don a plain pair of black shoes, but these flirty pumps are definitely one of the sexiest wys to incorporate lace into your look. Take another trip to Lord & Taylor for these guys ($140)!

Brighten it Up!

Lace doesn't only come in the standard black and white hues. I love seeing a gorgeous lace dress that delivers a burst of color, like this Meet Cute Strapless Lace Dress. The color gives the dress a playful feel, while the lace texture is still fun and sexy to the max.  The cut of this particular dress is also super flattering.  Because it nips in at the natural waist (the tiniest part of everyone's bod), the eye is immediately drawn in and it creates an hourglass figure on almost everyone. What's not to love about that??! You can grab this gorgey dress from Francescas ($48).


Lace-ify Your Mani

I've been loving press-on nails for a while now, and the patterned ones are super adorable.  Much as I love nail art, I also love being able to apply nails that are already designed for a really pretty, expensive-looking manicure.  Impress Press-On Nails come in lots of patterns, but of course the lace one is my fave.  Wearing lace on your nails is probably the most unexpected way to wear lace ever.  Bonus?  You can pick up a pack of these nails for way less than a typical salon manicure costs at CVS ($7.99).


Most of all, just have fun with lace. There are so many different ways to wear it, so play around until you find something that you absolutely love!

Happy shopping, ladies! Stay fabulous!


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